Wedding Candles


A candle is not just a candle. It's a symbol of a memory, a love, hope and life.

Whether it is a special thank you gift for your bridesmaids or bonbonierre's for your guests, le tora are the perfect candles for your wedding day. We can cater to the small boutique wedding right up to the largest of weddings. 

We work with you to design your candle and create a signature fragrance for your special day



         Luxury Tins                            Petite Range                         Pineapples

 1-60 candles -     $7.00ea      1-60 candles -     $8.00ea      1-60 candles - $8.50ea
 61-120 candles - $6.50ea      61-120 candles - $7.50ea      61-120 candles - $8.00ea 
 120+ candles -    $6.00ea      120+ candles -    $7.00ea      120+ candles - $7.50ea
Anyone one of our candles can be used for the Bridal Party or Bonbonierre.
If you have something specific in mind, please let us know as we have access to a wide range of jars and fragrances.
Please email through to